Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Nevada requires as a part of its pre-license requirements the completion of the study and mastery of an approved 90-hours course in real estate practice and law.  LVRETC is an approved school under the provisions of NAC 645.400 as a provider of this 90-hour State and Federal Principles and Law course by the Nevada Real Estate Division.  The courses are designed to help you pass the state exam and obtain the necessary credits for obtaining your Nevada Real Estate Salesperson license.

Initial Requirements for obtaining a Nevada Real Estate Salesperson License:

Students who have never held a license in Nevada or another state must complete a 90 hours real estate prelicensing course and pass the state exam.  The 90 hours course must consist of the following:

  • 45 hours of Real Estate Principles
  • 45 Hours of Real Estate Law which mush include 18 hours of Nevada Law. 

Other requirements in addition to the 90-hour course are as follows:

Licensed in another state?

If you are licensed in another state, call the Nevada Real Estate Division and check with them to see what is required, in terms of education, to get your license here. Some states have licensure reciprocity, so before embarking on the full course, you probably want to check with the Nevada Real Estate Division first and see if there is another option available to you. Nevada Real Estate Division Directory

18-Hour Course

The 18-hour course is designed for candidates who hold or have held a license in another state. The Nevada Real Estate Division normally only requires the applicant to take only the 18-hour course of Nevada law, if the applicant can show proof of taking a 90-hour real estate pre-licensing course.

45-Hour Course

The 45- hour course is designed for candidates who can show proof of taking a minimum of 45 hours of the required Real Estate Practices and Principles Pre-Licensing course in another state.  The Nevada Real Divison only would require you take the 45-hour Federal and Nevada State Law Course.