Fingerprints for Real Estate License

It is recommended that you get your fingerprints done as soon as you sign up for your course, as the process may take 2 weeks or longer. This will ensure that you are able to obtain your license quickly once you complete your course. 

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Hard Copy Fingerprints

There are a list of authorized fingerprinting vendors in Las Vegas that the Nevada Real Estate Division provides here. If you are completing the background check and are not local to Nevada, a hard copy option is strongly recommended - this can be done at a fingerprint center like a police station. You will receive 2 cards that you will need to submit, along with your payment in the form of a cashier check or money order. You can view the cost to submit your fingerprints via hard copy from the Nevada Real Estate Division here

You will also need to complete the fingerprint form from the division. You can download this form here.

From there, you must mail the fingerprints, fees and form to the division directly:

3300 West Sahara #350

Las Vegas, NV 89102

Be sure to verify you have included the following in your mail-out to the division:


How Much Is It To Get Your Fingerprints Done

You are looking at about $50 fee for getting your fingerprinting done. Payment is made to the division directly for hard copies or to the fingerprinting vendor you choose should you choose electronic fingerprinting (may be an additional fee).

You can find more information regarding exact fees based on how you are submitting them and can be found on the Nevada Real Estate Division's website here


Electronic Fingerprinting

This is an option where you will pay the vendor $40 directly for your fingerprinting fees and will submit them to the Nevada Real Estate Division directly. This must be done in Nevada, so if you are completing your fingerprinting out of state, you will need to submit a hard copy of your fingerprints instead.

You can receive an exclusive LVRETC discount when getting your fingerprints done through Simply mention the Las Vegas Real Estate Training Center when you connect with them for your savings.


Fingerprinting Locations Near Me

To see which fingerprinting locations are closest to you, check out the Nevada Real Estate Division's approved vendor list here.


Police Department Fingerprinting

To get your fingerprints done at the police department is simple. They do allow you to make an appointment online to come in and get your fingerprinting done..

Learn more about fingerprinting at LVMPD here.