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18 Hour Nevada Real Estate Law (2021-2022)

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18-Hour Nevada Real Estate Law Online


Las Vegas Real Estate Training Center,  2019


Hours: M-F, 8AM-6PM

Office:  9420 W. Sahara Ave, #100



Course Overview

The 18 Hour Nevada Real Estate Law course content and testing materials are geared toward obtaining knowledge and an acceptable level of comprehension relating to the required course topics.  After completing the course, the student should know and recall the definition of common terms, basic real estate concepts, methods, procedures, principles, and state law.  Nevada requires as a part of its pre-license requirements the completion of the study and mastery of an approved 18-hour course in Nevada real estate practice and law. 

Goals and Objectives

Section 1. Nevada Real Estate Laws

          - Licensing, Division and Commission

          - Property Disclosures

          - Record Keeping

          - Contracts 

          - Agency 

          - Advertising and Special Topics

After taking this course you'll be able to:

          Pass your real estate exam

          Understand Nevada real estate law

          Apply strategies to launch your real estate career


Las Vegas Real Estate Training Center Catalog

Additional Text Resources: Additional resources will also be available. These will be available in the course under the “Resources” tab. See Resources section of Syllabus for more information.

Course Requirements

The student will review, study and take notes as they progress through each section.  At the end of each section, they will be required to take a review quiz that is focused on testing their knowledge and comprehension on that section.  The review quiz is multiple choices and will be taken online and graded in real time.  The requirement to obtain a passing grade is 75% / (P) or greater before moving on to the next section.  Scores receive between 0%-74% / (F) are considered a failing grade and students will be encouraged to review the section again before retaking the test.  Scores will show on the student’s dashboard and are available for instructor review as well. 

Once the student has completed all of the sections, they will be required to take a final exam, which is in a multiple-choice format.  This exam will be taken online and graded in real time.  A passing grade of 75% / (P) or greater is required.  Students will receive their grade instantly and if they do not pass, by receiving a score less than 75%, they will have a minimum of 24 hours to study and review before they will be allowed to retake their exam.  They can take much longer if needed and are encouraged to review in detail. 


Exams: Pass / Fail  |  P / F  |  75%+ / 74%-

We reserve the right to make any changes to accommodate class progress.

What to Expect


- This course is delivered online. You will need a computer with internet access and a web browser; ALL browsers are supported.

- The course is set up for students to complete at their own pace. It is important that you take it at a speed most beneficial to your own comprehension.

- Once you have completed all the sections, you will be required to take a practice State and National exam and graded within real time. A pass/fail grading system applies here as well

- You can download mobile or tablet app by visiting your app store and searching for "Matrix LMS." You will need to enter the URL school code of

- It is highly recommended to schedule an appointment to have your fingerprints and background check completed; that can take 6-12 weeks for your results. GET YOUR FINGERPRINTS DONE AS SOON AS YOUR REGISTER FOR THE COURSE. You will need this information in order to apply for your real estate license after passing the state exam. Go to to find an approved list of fingerprint vendors.


Once a student has registered and begins their online education, they will be given multiple online resources to go to for help and guidance. They can use this to supplement their online learning.

You can reference the Pearson VUE brochure by clicking on the resource tab on the left. This brochure will tell you the fees and any items that you are allowed to bring into the examination room. 

You can download the real estate glossary for a quick reference of real estate terms and definitions.

A copy of the Nevada Law Guide Book is provided for additional reading if you like.

Examples of some forms and contracts that will be discussed in the class are uploaded here as well for your reference.

Career Night - If you haven't already, we highly recommend for you to attend "Career Night" which is held every Wednesday from 4-5pm at Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas, located at 9420 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 100, Las Vegas, NV 89117.  The session will cover what it takes to start a career in real estate, the application process with the real estate division and the association.

General timeline

This course is set up for students to complete at their own pace. Some students will do it faster than others will, however, it is important that a student takes it at a speed most beneficial to their own comprehension. Students will read the material, review the exercises, and successfully pass both the quizzes and final exams with a minimum score of 75%. Each student is encouraged to systematically move through the material.

Course Completion

At the end of this course, you will be able to download a legal completion certificate specific to you. This certificate can be printed on your personal printer. An original copy will be mailed to you within seven days of completing the course. If you do not have a printer, you may contact LVRETC to have a copy emailed or mailed to you. No credit will be issued for incomplete or partially.

Tuition & Fees

TUITION:                                              $129.00

TOTAL TUITION & FEES:                    $129.00

The cost of the course is $129, which represents tuition and fees.  The course includes all course material and testing materials as required by the Nevada Real Estate Division. If there are questions, an inquiry is encouraged by calling our business office at (702) 212-2212; ask to speak to the School Office or e-mail 



This school is licensed to operate by the commission on postsecondary education and the nevada real estate division.




The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

18-Hour Nevada Real Estate Law
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